Paddleboarder is a community that embodies everything paddleboarding.

We are water and board freaks that want to share the stoke, energy, passion, and sport with as many others as possible. We do it all and encourage others to do the same.

Paddleboarder strives to give you the best of everything on a paddle board including, yoga, racing, surfing, cruising, and exploring.

We are vital, unique, daring, and restless.

We are Paddleboarder.

In Memory of Ace – Founder of Paddleboarder

Sean "Ace" O'Connor

Sean “Ace” O’Connor lived and played in South Florida his whole life. He was a waterman by every sense and spends his days kiteboarding, surfing, spearfishing, mountain biking, and wakeboarding. When he first saw a paddle board, he wasn’t the slightest bit interested in the sport. It took him many years and a back injury from mountain biking to get him to take a look.

He purchased his first board and was immediately hooked. Being able to catch a wave so easily and ride it longer had him intrigued so intrigued that he had barely picked up his shortboard and then spent most of his time on a paddle board. His passion for all aspects of the sport had him yearning to do something in the industry. Having previously built several successful businesses and brands he knew he had to create the premier paddleboarding community.

Tragically August 22, 2017, while chasing adventure, his precious life was cut short in an automotive accident - although his celebratory life lives on. 

A dedicated Boynton Beach, FL mural, and the Live Like Ace Foundation are created in his everlasting memory. Eternal inspiration for all of us to "Live Like Ace!"

Sean "Ace" O'Conner