What does Paddleboarding do for me?

What does Paddleboarding do for me?

Take a STAND for your mind, body & soul through paddleboarding.

Cruising along the skim of the waves, staring out into the distance… realizing how vast this planet we live on TRULY is. Thoughts of the unknown cross your mind as you look down into the depths of the dark blue sea. Bubbles come up now and again, noticing your only company; the creatures of the sea. Your watery subconscious has lured you to this moment, wanting seclusion in nature’s beautiful body of water. You feel at one with all of Mother Earth’s serenity and nothing compares to this feeling of mind, body & soul oneness. 

There is a healing that takes place when indulging in activities that bring you closer to nature, and paddleboarding is one of these epic meditations. Paddleboarding has become an epidemic, not only giving physical rehabilitation, but also creating passion, purpose and pleasure through movement. Often, I find that most people relate to activities such as watching TV after work, having a glass of wine or being on social media as a means of “relaxation”. This is only another form of escaping life; similar to finding the “numbing” substances to get OUT of our minds- resisting what is needed to find our true essence. If only people knew what they were missing, when finding a hobby that relates to them in all aspects. What our souls REALLY long for, naturally, is pleasure! Whether it’s a solo journey, or fun adventure with friends, paddle boarding allows for both.

The act of “standing” is also very essential for our bodies well- being. Activating circulation, detoxification and improving awareness/moods. Stand up paddling helps us use muscles that we tend to neglect due to day-to-day activities. Driving in a car, sitting in front of a computer or even certain type of exercises such as riding a bicycle can deter us from proper physical alignment. Stretching hip flexors, lengthening the spine, and shoulder tension (a bad hunch) improves drastically after a few times of paddling! Not to mention, enhances arm strength, realigns the “root” of your body from the souls of your feet to the top of your head. Our posture is key to a healthy digestive system, and allows energy channels to flow properly, also known as our “chakras”. In conclusion, this produces more serotonin and dopamine, (your “I feel so good” neurotransmitters). With more serotonin production, depression fades away, anxiety is lessened and sense of calm resides with us.

I am so grateful for these activities, as It has given people a new sense of freedom in many ways. Freedom of the mind- understanding the route of their mental debilitation, the concerns of what some may believe are troublesome begin to dissipate. Seeing the much larger picture of what life is actually gifting us with. SUP is a healing, and a cure for what ails you. Experiencing the benefits of paddling first hand, I am fully aware of how positive this therapy is for our mind, body and soul. Hopefully this has inspired you to check out SUP paddle boarding if you haven’t done so already.

There is no turning back on bliss!



Photo courtesy @SebastianVoortman